Summer School Parent & Student Handbook



Parent and Student Handbook


Board of Education Officers

As approved by the Board of Education at the Annual Organizational Meeting on May 14, 2019, the Board of Education Officers are as follows:

PRESIDENT: Katie Sojewicz  

VICE PRESIDENT: Mark D. Muhammad, Ed.D.


                                                                              Pat Body

                                                                              David Cecile

                                                                              Derrick Dorsey

                                                                              Dan Romeo                          

This information should be included on publications such as graduation and school event programs, newsletters, brochures, etc.  The following Central Office Administrative Staff, as well as an appropriate Executive Director, should also be included:

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Jaime Alicea, Superintendent

                                                   Patricia Clark, Chief Ombuds/Student Support Services Officer

                                                   Dean DeSantis, Chief Operations Officer

                                                   Laura Kelley, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer

                                                   Lisa Wade, Ed.D., Chief Human Resources Officer

                                                   Timothy Moon, Chief Accountability Officer

                                                   Suzanne Slack, Chief Financial Officer

                                                   Monique Wright-Williams, Chief of Staff



The Syracuse City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it is committed to providing equal access to all categories of employment, programs and educational opportunities, including career and technical education opportunities, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, Native American ancestry/ethnicity, creed or religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, disability or any other legally protected category under federal, state or local law.  Inquiries regarding the District’s non-discrimination policies should be directed to:

Civil Rights Compliance Officer

Syracuse City School District

725 Harrison Street • Syracuse, NY  13210

(315) 435-4131


Email: protected category under federal, state or local law.

Inquiries regarding the District’s non-discrimination policies should be directed to:

Civil Rights Compliance Officer

Syracuse City School District

725 Harrison Street • Syracuse, NY  13210

(315) 435-4131





Our Mission

To build, support, and sustain school communities that provide all students with a high-quality education that prepares them to graduate as responsible, active citizens ready for success in college and careers and prepared to compete in a global economy.

Our Vision

To prepare and inspire all of our students to innovate locally and contribute globally.



Our Mission

Lincoln Middle School is a community where students are engaged and encouraged to meet high expectations through strong positive connections that support student growth.  We recognize each child as an individual with varying ability levels and learning styles.  We consist of stakeholders who will lead and actively participate in creating an academically challenging and emotionally safe environment that promotes collaboration, honors diversity, celebrates progress, and prepares our scholars to be active life-long learners in their pursuit of higher education and career readiness.  

Our Vision

At Lincoln, all stakeholders are engaged in creating, implementing, and monitoring best practices to ensure a safe learning environment that develops our scholars and supports social and academic growth toward college and career readiness.  


Lincoln Administration

Mr. Daniel Killenbec ~ Principal

Ms. Julie Sayles ~  Administrator

Ms. Andrea Ellis ~ Administrator

Mr. James Crisafulli ~ Administrator


Summer School Staff

Ms. Mahmoud ~ Secretary

Mr. Gower ~ School Counselor

Ms. K. White ~ School Counselor

Nick Luppino   ~ 6th Gr. ELA

Sheila Turley   ~ 6th Gr. Math

John Sessa  ~  7th Gr. ELA

Andrea Mortis  ~  7th Gr. Math

Madeleine Goc  ~  8th Gr. ELA

Sierra Eastman  ~  8th Gr. Math

John Jordan  ~  Mixed Gr. ELA

David Balin  ~  Mixed Gr. Math

Artemis Levenberg  ~  ENL Teacher

Kelly McGuire  ~  Librarian

Joneisha Arebaleo  ~  Enrichment Teacher

Eric Marullo  ~ Enrichment Teacher

Joseph Horan  ~  Building Men Enrichment Partner

Tamela Jackson  ~  Teacher Assistant

Kim Shane  ~  Teacher Assistant

Merissa Brillanti ~ School Nurse

Mr. Figueroa~ Security Officer


Welcome to the 2021 Summer School Program!

This handbook contains information designed to acquaint you with the policies and procedures at our school.  Please carefully read and preview the contents and share it with your Lincoln student at home.  With your help, the teachers and support staff will work hard to provide a safe, pleasant and academically challenging experience for students.


Program Overview

Summer school begins on Tuesday, July 6th through August 12, 2021. The school day starts at 9:00a. and ends at 3:00p. for students. The summer school program is designed in two parts; an AM Academic Program: 9:00a. to 12:00p. and the Enrichment Afternoon Program: 12:00p. to 3:00p. English and Math instruction will be offer during the morning academic program and sports enrichment will be offered in the afternoon enrichment program. Parents may elect for only the AM portion of the program, but pick up arrangements must be secured with the school. Please note that transportation is available for all students once you have registered for summer school.  Bussing is available for the 9:00a. drop off and the 3:00p. pick up only.


School Hours of Operation at Lincoln:



Monday – Thursday

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Teachers’ Day (Academic)

8:45a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Teachers’ Day (Enrichment)

12:15p.m. – 3:15p.m.


A Quick Guide to Services in the School




Bell Schedule:

In Person Location








Morning Check In

Block 1

9:10a – 10:26a


*Teachers Move

10:27a – 10:29a

Block 2



11:45a – 12:00p

Grab -n- Go




*Teachers Move

Afternoon Enrichment Program Begins at 12:15p 

Block 1

12: 15p – 1: 30p

Block 2



2:50p – 3:00p


Bullying Policy

 What does Bullying Mean?

Bullying is deliberate and hurtful behavior meant to belittle, frighten, hurt or exclude someone.  Bullying usually does not happen just once. It continues to happen over and over.

Common Forms of Bullying: Physical bullying, Verbal bullying, Social bullying, Cyber bullying


Why does someone Bully?

Most bullies have a hard time understanding or being sensitive to another person’s feelings.


The bully may:

  • Feel powerful by bullying others;
  • Feel bad about themselves and bullying makes them feel smarter, stronger or more popular;
  • May have been bullied themselves;
  • Blame the victim by saying the person is annoying, different, or deserving of being bullied.


Who gets bullied?

Usually the nice, ordinary people young and old become victims of a bully. Both boys and girls can be bullies and both boys and girls can be a target. Anything that makes a person different is a target:  too short-too thin-too big-too smart, etc. Bullies pick on people who lack confidence. Victims are often to afraid or embarrassed and think telling an adult is tattling or is a bad thing to do.  Everyone has the right to feel safe in and out of school.  Often times, once a trusted adult becomes aware and involved, the bully will stop or back off.    


How can you help a victim?

  1. Don’t join in or encourage the bully
  2. Do you best to calm the situation
  3. Offer your support to the bullied person
  4. When your support doesn’t help, tell a teacher/admin. what is happening
  5. Be a friend to the victim
  6. Stand up to the bully

Bullying isn’t OK here!


This section of your Student Handbook is designed to answer some questions you may have.  We hope you will find it useful throughout the school year.

Guidelines for School Success

  1. Attend school on time every day.
  2. Come to school ready to learn.
  3. Respect all adults in authority.
  4. Follow all safety regulations.
  5. Wear suitable school clothing.
  6. Treat the property of others with respect.
  7. Get involved in school activities.
  8. Follow all school expectations.            


Attendance (Ms. Mahmoud in Main Office)

Scholars are expected to attend school every day.  The summer school policy identifies that one (1) day of absence is allowed.  Parents should make every effort to make appointments after school.  However, if a scholar must be excused, parents should send a note in the morning.  The note should be brought to the Main Office or given to the classroom summer school teacher.  




Parents should communicate in advance regarding an excuse for any student requiring early sign-out. The time, date and the name of the family member picking up the child should be provided to ensure the student is called down in a timely manner. As a proactive step, parents can also provide students with signed notes for the main office on the day of early checkout. Students will be required to stay in class until someone in the main office calls for them to be dismissed. Children will be released only to their parents or to individuals named on the Emergency Card.  

Students may not be signed out after 2:40p as this poses a concern and disruption of the afternoon enrichment program.

School begins promptly at 9:00 a.m.  Students are considered tardy when they are not in their classrooms by 9:15a. ready to receive instruction at that time.  Any student arriving at school after 9:15 a.m. is considered tardy. Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and has a negative impact on student achievement for all students in the classroom.  


Visitors : Our visitor policy is suspended due to COVID regulations.

Please call the front office prior to coming to the building and arrangements will be made to accommodate your request where possible.  Parents are not authorized to enter the building due to COVID.

Teachers will not be available for conferences during the school day unless prior arrangements have been made.


Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the cafeteria and main office. Large items are in the cafeteria and small items are kept in the main office. Scholars who find articles are asked to take them to the main office.  Items will be discarded after a designated amount of time.



Scholars may use the phone in the Main Office for emergency purposes only.  Parents are not to call during the school day to request to speak with their child unless there is a true emergency. Scholars must have a pass to enter the main office.  Please wait your turn and be respectful to office staff.


Hall Passes

Scholars must have a pass if they are in the hallways. The summer school program is only permitted to occupy the first floor of the building. Scholars aera not permitted upstairs.  


Health Office (Nurse Hunter)

The Health Office is located across from the Guidance Office.  The nurse is available during the school day. 


Fire Drills/Emergency Evacuations

The fire alarm is a series of loud repeated rings.  Follow the directions on the Fire Exit sign posted in classrooms and your teacher.  Walk quickly and quietly out of the building.  Fire Drills are a serious matter.  ALWAYS assume that any fire drill alarm could be the real thing. Please stay with your teacher when you exit the building. When returning to the building, scholars must remain quiet for further instructions.


Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Department is not available to students during the summer school program.


School and Behavior (Administrator)

In order for teaching and learning to take place, good order must be maintained.  Scholars are reminded that they must adhere to a code of good behavior not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of others. City school district rules and regulations are described thoroughly in the Handbook of Students Rights and Responsibilities.  However, some important things to remember are:

  1. Weapons or other items, which may be hazardous to the safety of anyone in the building or school bus may interfere in some way with school operations, will be impounded.
  2. Unlawful acts taking place on school grounds or buses not only make the scholar subject to penalties, which the courts may prescribe, but can result in suspension from school.
  3. Possession of drugs and/or alcohol and their use on school property or at school-sponsored events are prohibited. Anyone found possessing, selling, purchasing, or using drugs on school property or at a school-sponsored event would be referred to the police and the Superintendent of Schools for a disciplinary hearing.
  4. Scholars are expected to behave appropriately while being transported to and from school via yellow school bus. Scholars not behaving appropriately are subject to disciplinary action.


Intimidation, Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Demeaning, bullying, or any other form of intimidation will be addressed, and possible punishment will be imposed. Any forms of unwelcome sexual advances, verbal or nonverbal, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.



Arguing, fighting, play fighting, or threatening to fight are not permitted.  Scholars should seek the assistance of an adult, if necessary, to resolve a problem with another student.


Safety Regulations

Running, pushing, play-fighting, wrestling and excessive noise are not permitted in school.  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.



All scholars are to respect all staff members (this includes not only teachers but teaching assistants, guidance staff, office staff, administrators and other support staff) and their possessions. Please not use abusive and vulgar language.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


Entering/Leaving the Building

All scholars will enter and leave the building through the main and side entrance near the cafeteria. Morning arrival, all scholars going to breakfast will enter the building through the side entrance.  All bus scholars will enter and exit the building through the side entrance near the cafeteria.



Scholars may not loiter in the building or on school grounds after dismissal.  Scholars must have a valid reason for staying after school.  Valid reasons include school activities, sports and extra academic help.



Scholars can dress to express one’s personality as long as it does not distract/disrupt the learning environment. All scholars should wear pants or shorts that are knee length and below.  Tank tops should have a strap that is at least two fingers in width.  Girls can wear skirts that are knee length or below; no halter-tops are allowed. Scholars can wear appropriate summer attire.


Scholar Property

DO NOT bring valuables, large sums of money, or any unnecessary items to school.  The school will not take responsibility for these items.


Electronic Device Policy: 

Cell phones and any electronic devices brought to school are at the risk of the scholar.  The school is not responsible for any missing or lost electronic devices.  Scholars bringing these types of devices to school shall immediately turn them off before entering the building.  No electronic devices, to include charging cords, should be out during the day.  If a scholar is in possession of an electronic device and it is visible during the school day, it will be taken and returned to a parent/guardian.  No Exceptions


To avoid any issues, scholars are encouraged to keep electronic devices at home, as there are phones available for scholar use, in the Main Office, with teacher approval.  


Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Skates & Hover boards

Skateboards, hover boards, etc. may not be brought to school. They can cause injury to the rider or others.  Bicycles can be brought to school and locked on the bike rack at a student’s risk. The school is not responsible for stolen bicycles.

School Property

Scholars may not deface or otherwise damage school property, including books, furniture, walls, desks, etc.  Any scholar doing such damage will be required to repair, replace or pay cash for damaged items and be subject to disciplinary actions


Lockers (Homeroom teacher/Team Admin.)

Each scholar will be assigned a locker.  Scholars should keep their combinations private.  Lockers should be free of magic marker and other permanent marks.  Posters and pictures inside the locker are acceptable decorations.  Lockers belong to the school district may be opened at any time by school district officials.



Scholars may not smoke or “vape” in school, on school buses, on school grounds or at school events.



Card playing, throwing dice, pitching coins, etc. are not allowed on school grounds or at school sponsored events.  NO BETTING!


Food Service (Mr. Ward)

Lunch menus are on the District’s home page.  Breakfast and lunch are served on the first day, and breakfast and lunch are served free of charge to all students. Applications are still required for free or reduced lunch.  Please be sure to return the applications as soon as possible.



Behavioral Procedure

Student Discipline:

Classroom Hierarchy   (this should be displayed in your classroom)

Step 1:  Non-Verbal Redirection: proximity, a gestured expectation, eye contact, pointing to a visual reminder that reinforces behavior expectation.

Step 2: Verbal Redirection, class level:  positive statement reinforcing behavior expectation

Step 3: Individual Scholar Verbal Redirection:  1 on 1, seat change, private conversation reinforcing the behavior expectation

Step 4: Self Reflection Form:  10 minutes to silently complete Reflection Form in another room 

Step 5: Escort to BIC: repeated behavior upon return or refusal to complete Reflection Form, escort to BIC & phone call home by BIC staff

Step 6: Referral: removal from class, administrator phone call home & consequence (up to and including suspension)


Ladder of Referral

  1.     The teacher conferences with the student.
  2.     The teacher maintains anecdotal records of student misbehavior/failure to follow class rules and routines.
  3.     If the misbehavior continues, the teacher contacts the parent.
  4.     If after parental contact the misbehavior persists, then the teacher should send a written referral to the Assistant Principal.  Teacher should follow up with Guidance Counselor or Social Worker.
  5.     The Assistant Principal schedules a conference with the teacher, parent and student to discuss possible solutions and next steps.
  6.     If the misbehavior persists, then the Assistant Principal will meet with the Principal for a pre-suspension conference.
  7.     The Assistant Principal meets with the Principal to determine appropriate consequences of misbehavior.
  8.     The Principal submits a request for suspension.


Transitions in Public Spaces

         H-  Hands by our side

         A-  All eyes forward

          L-   Lips zipped

          L-   Legs walking safely

          S-   Stick together


S.L.A.N.T. Procedure

           S-  Sit up straight

           L-   Listen attentively

           A-  Ask and answer questions

           N-  Nod your head

           T-  Track your speaker