Welcome to the Homepage of the Lincoln Middle School Class of 2019!

This is the spot to find information about all of the upcoming events and activities that the 8th graders will be participating in this year. Everything from field trips, to dances and graduation will be highlighted on this page. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us (315) 435-4450  ! 

8th Grade Contacts- TEAM BINGHAMTON

8th Grade Administrator - Ms. Julie Sayles

8th Grade Guidance Counselor - TBD

8th Grade Team Teacher -  TBD


Upcoming Events


Below are some of the events and activities that will be coming up for 8th graders. Please note that dates and times are TBD, but we will be updating the site as things are scheduled. 

Be mindful that certain criteria is needed for some events and activities.

High School Application Assistance Days

Field Trip to SUNY Binghamton  

Field Trip to either Philadelphia or Washington D.C.

Field Trip to Darien Lake

8th Grade Dance - June 

Moving Up Ceremony at Henninger High - June

Field Days - June

Special Event Requirements for 8th Graders

  TBD come back soon!

This Year's 8th Graders will be High School Class of 2023!



8th graders you will be the High School Class of 2023.  You have grown up in the digital age.  You are the Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, the Founders!

You have never known a time without Wi-fi, HD, selfies, digital music, satellite radio, cell phones, laptops, and Apple products. 

Here are a few things we are sure you Post-Millennials have no clue of:

1. carbon paper

2. 8" floppy dics

3. walkman

4. cell phones with antennas

5. cassette tapes

6. typewriters

7. rotary phones

8. ISO 400 film

9. Green Stamps

10. TV stations signing off at night

                                                   REACH FOR THE STARS CLASS OF 2023!