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    Attached is the receivership Quarterly Report #2: October 16, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

    Lincoln Middle School
  • CANCELLATION of Chili Cookoff!

    We are so sorry to have to postpone the Chili Cook Off scheduled for Friday, February 9th for weather.

    It will be rescueduled for Friday, April 6th.   More reminders will be coming......

    Families that signed up are all set to participate.  Any other parents who would like to participate

    can call the office at 435-4450. 

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Parents We Need Your Input! (Please take the folowing survey)

    Please take the following survey on Extended Learning Time.

    Use this link:

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  • Middle Years- February Edition

    February's edition of Middle Years- loaded with helpful advice for parents/loved ones concerning their middle schooler!

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Reschedule date for 6th grade Ice Skating Incentive is February 2nd!

    Lincoln Middle School

    Lincoln will host a Chili Cookoff 2/9 4:00-6:00 PM in the Cafe

    Chef/TV personality Michele Ragussis will be in attendance!

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Directions to Home Access to Grades for Parents

    Did you know that you can get on the SCSD website and have access to your child's grades/classwork?

    Follow these easy directions!

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Winter Wonderland Dance

    A great time was had by all the scholars who earned enough Dojo points to participate in the incentive on Dec. 22nd.

    The gymnasium was all decked out with winter decorations and the music was rocking! 

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Be Yourself Billboard!

    One of our own scholars, Wafa Hussein, will be representing Lincoln on a billboard near you!  She won a contest sponsored by Natalie Davis' graphic arts class which is a part of Peaceful Schools Enrichment program.  The scholars were asked to design a billboard with a positive Peaceful People message or theme.  Ms Davis created a competition among them.  The student whose design was voted the best among the other Peaceful Schools teachers at Lincoln, won time on a billboard donated by Park Outdoors.  7th grade Wafa Hussein came up with the concept below.  Once she had the preliminary design complete, Sara Boileau's photography students recreated the google image she had originally used.  This was made 100% during Peaceful Schools Enrichment time at Lincoln, and it is being shown to the entire city! 

    This will run once every 3 minutes 24 seconds on Digital board #34 near Destiny, and once every 1 minute 8 seconds on digital board #56 (digital between Midler and Teal).  Not to be confused with our competitors board which is located at Teal Ave.  The billboard is running today through 1/15/18. 

    Please check it out and share the good news!!

    Lincoln Middle School
  • Middle Years- January Edition

    Middle Years is a small newsletter that pertains to children in the middle school grades.  It has great advice for the student and the parent.  Enjoy!

    Lincoln Middle School

Lincoln Middle School


Dear Lincoln Families,


The 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start even with our minor hiccup with the burnt toast on day one! We started our school year with a fundraiser for our Lincoln Gratitude Project. The purpose of the fundraiser was to get a Gratitude Journal in the hands of every Lincoln scholar. Our staff and scholars start every day writing what they are grateful for in a journal. This practice has allowed the Lincoln community to focus on health and happiness.  I am personally grateful for the support Syracuse businesses showed Lincoln during this fundraiser. Apizza Regionale, Original Grain and 0 Yoga stepped up and embraced our fundraising efforts.


I would like to thank all of our families who attended the Open House this year, we had a wonderful turnout with so many of our families attending. I would like to recognize a special member of the Lincoln family for their recent generosity. After my presentation at the Open House I was asked how families could help with the Gratitude Project to which I responded that we were still in need of monetary donations. This

particular person came to Lincoln the following Monday and handed me $500 toward the Gratitude Project. Another Lincoln family member came in an asked if they could help out during the school day and for various afterschool events which of course I said yes to. These acts remind me that we have so much to be grateful for! Thank you to all the Lincoln families that contributed in your own special ways.


October is officially here and this is what you have to look forward to: October 2-6- Lincoln Spirit Week (Scholars wear fun things every day)

October 2- PTO/Community Engagement Team Meeting (6 p.m.) @ Room 152 October 9- NO SCHOOL

October 12- Family Workshop-Topic-HEALTHY EATING (5:30 p.m.) @ Lincoln October 19- Coffee and chat with the Principal (8:30-9:30 a.m.) @ Room 152 October 31- Halloween Dance (2:00-3:30 p.m.) @LincoIn

October 10-16 -Progress Reports (Marking Period 1)



Room 152 will be our Lincoln Family/Community Engagement Room this year. We are in the process of decorating it so it has more of welcoming feel. We have computers and other resources for Lincoln families



and all of our workshops and PTO meetings will take place in that room. Please stop in when you are visiting the school.

Please use REMIND to stay in touch. Download the REMIND app and enter 91010 where you would put a telephone number and text @cb6gf9 as the message. Another way to stay informed is through our website: We are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Feedback is necessary for growth. Share concerns, recommendations, and even a shout out if you are happy with something we did. I can be reached via email @


Thank you for your continued support.


LaJuan White                    Julie Sayles                        Richard Richardson         Laureen Lane

Principal                               Assistant Principal            Assistant Principal            Assistant Principal 

Mission Statement

Lincoln School Mission:

Lincoln Middle School is a community where students are engaged and encouraged to meet high expectations through strong positive connections that support student growth.  We recognize each child as an individual with varying ability levels and learning styles.  We consist of stakeholders who will lead and actively participate in creating an academically challenging and emotionally safe environment that promotes collaboration, honors diversity, celebrates progress, and prepares our scholars to be active lifelong learners in their pursuit of higher education and career readiness.  


- Dedicated planning time will be used to align instruction to the common core state standards and monitored to ensure that all students are moving toward proficiency.  

- Adopt and implement 3 school-wide common strategies that reflect best practices providing all learners an opportunity to engage in differentiated instruction and rigorous learning defined by a proven teaching framework.

- School leaders, teacher teams, and support staff will effectively communicate school-wide high expectations addressing academic achievement, development of character, family engagement, and college and career readiness through multiple transparent methods.  


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